Our Favorite Sapphire Rings

1. Elongated Hexagon Solitaire Sapphire

This one-of-a-kind ring is one of our all time favorites & it is handcrafted with uniquely rare materials. With a natural elongated hexagon deep blue sapphire center this timeless and breathtaking ring is any vintage lovers dream. This ring is the perfect mix of timeless beauty and simple elegance. 

2. Teal Sapphire Deco Pear & Emerald 

Teal sapphires hold a special place in our hearts because of their natural depth of beauty. This ring is set in one of our most popular Art Deco inspired diamond mosaic styles, the Deco Pear & Emerald. The combination of the emerald cut teal sapphire with the pear and baguette natural diamonds creates the perfect eye-catching ring.  

3. Luxe Rainbow Sapphire Mosaic Confetti Band 

This ring is the sapphire version of one of our most iconic signature Luxe Confetti bands. Each hand-selected sapphire creates a vibrant and seamless rainbow & is set with round brilliant and baguette cut sapphires. This is the perfect ring for anyone looking to add a splash of unique color to their stack or to shine on their own. 

4.  Sapphire Emerald & Pear Diamond Toi Et Moi Ring

This classic Toi Et Moi perfectly marries color and Art Deco beauty. The deep blue emerald cut sapphire perfectly matches with the pear-shaped diamond for an eye-catching duo. This breathtaking Toi Et Moi is an easy yes due to its unique color and sparkle. 

5. Oval Light Sage Green Sapphire Deco Diamond Ring 

We catch ourselves getting lost in the depth of endless beauty that encompasses this sapphire deco ring. The handcrafted combination of the natural oval cut light green sapphire with round, baguette, & carré cut diamonds makes our heart sing. The light sage green oval sapphire is a one-of-a-kind stone with undeniable inherent beauty. 

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