Our favorite Emerald Shape Rings & Why we love them

1. Deco Emerald Cut Moissanite Mosaic Ring 

This Berlinger signature ring is a classic art deco style. This iconic ring shows off the intricately hand cut stones surrounding the emerald cut moissanite center. This beautiful ring is the perfect mix of a timeless classic and distinctive design that leaves us in awe. 

2. Emerald Shape Carré & Oval Diamond Mosaic Ring 

This gorgeous ring shows off our signature diamond mosaic design with a striking vintage pattern. It's easy to get lost in the beauty of the intricate hand-set diamond pattern encased in an emerald shape. It's hands down one of our favorites.

3. Emerald Deco Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 

The inherent beauty of this art deco engagement ring is unmatched. This one-of-a-kind ring is created with incredibly rare materials (hello mint emeralds) and set in our classic style. The glowing natural emerald center stone brings this ring to life with the perfect pop of color.

4. Deco Emerald & Pear Diamond Mosaic Ring 

An understated and elegant ring that transcends time. We have caught ourselves dreaming about this more dainty diamond mosaic ring on multiple occasions. The combination of emerald, pear, and baguette shape diamonds makes this ring an easy yes.

5.  Emerald Cut Ballerina Diamond Mosaic Ring

As one of our most popular designs, the Emerald Ballerina is the epitome of perfect Diamond Mosaic design with a combination of emerald, baguette, and round natural diamonds. The romantic design and unique sparkle of this beauty makes it one of our favorites. 

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