Designing Your Dream Bridal Stack with the Oval Shape Ballerina Diamond Mosaic Ring

The Oval Shape Ballerina Diamond Mosaic Ring is not just an engagement ring; it's a statement piece that embodies vintage elegance and modern brilliance. Its popularity speaks volumes about its unique design and timeless appeal. When it comes to pairing this stunning ring with the perfect wedding band, the options are as exquisite as the ring itself. Let’s explore three beautifully curated bands that complement the Mosaic Engagement Ring, ensuring your bridal set is the perfect representation of your love story.

About the Oval Shape Ballerina Oval Diamond Mosaic Ring

Deco Brilliance. That's how we describe this perfect ring. She’s our most popular for a reason. This beauty features a natural oval brilliant cut center diamond surrounded by forty-two natural baguette and round brilliant cut diamonds. The mosaic portion is designed to create a stunning visual impact, available in two styles: "In line," where the mosaic sits flush with the finger, and "Raised," where it is slightly elevated to nest with a wedding band. The intricate mosaic design of this ring, combined with its dazzling array of diamonds, makes it a true centerpiece.

Our Suggested Wedding Band Pairings

1. 2mm Half Round Band Ring

Why We Love It: A classic staple, this ring is an easy yes. The 2mm width offers a delicate, simple, and classic look that complements the Mosaic Ring without overshadowing it. Its understated elegance provides a perfect balance, allowing the engagement ring to shine. This pairing is ideal for those who appreciate timeless simplicity.

2. Diamond Mosaic Confetti Band

Why We Love It: This signature Berlinger band puts the perfect eye-catching and unique spin on a classic style. With a top width of 2.8mm and a base width of 1.85mm, it features seventeen natural round brilliant and baguette cut diamonds. The Diamond Mosaic Confetti Band mirrors the mosaic design of the engagement ring, creating a cohesive and dazzling set. The matching diamond shapes and similar design elements enhance the overall sparkle, making this duo a showstopper.

3. Luxe Diamond Mosaic Confetti Band

Why We Love It: Perfect if you want a larger wedding band or a more "luxe" look. This version features a top width of 3.5mm wide and the base/band of the ring is 2mm. The Luxe Diamond Mosaic Confetti Band offers a bolder look while maintaining the cohesive and dazzling design of the engagement ring.

4. Olive Branch Wedding Ring

Why We Love It: The hand engraving on this nature inspired ring is so delicate and perfect, it’s no surprise that it’s a fan favorite. Hand-engraved olive branches wind all the way around the band, adorned with four natural round brilliant cut diamonds. The band width is 3mm with milgrain detail and a rounded comfort fit interior. The Olive Branch Wedding Ring offers a touch of nature and elegance, providing a beautiful contrast to the geometric and structured design of the Mosaic Ring. This pairing is perfect for those who want to incorporate a symbolic and nature-inspired element into their bridal set.

Each of these wedding bands brings something unique to the table, ensuring that your engagement ring remains the star while adding depth and personality to your bridal set. Whether you prefer the classic simplicity of the 2mm Half Round Band, the dazzling sparkle of the Diamond Mosaic Confetti Bands, or the symbolic elegance of the Olive Branch Wedding Ring, you can't go wrong with these carefully curated pairings.

When it comes to creating the perfect wedding stack around the Oval Shape Ballerina Diamond Mosaic Ring, it’s hard to go wrong. Each recommended band offers a unique complement to the engagement ring’s intricate design, allowing you to express your personal style while maintaining a cohesive and stunning look. For more inspiration, be sure to check out all our wedding bands and our Instagram to see more of these beautiful combinations. Your perfect wedding set awaits!

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